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The Woden Design Dunideer

“While these speakers will not blow you away, they will throw a huge soundstage that will satisfyingly bombard your senses.” The Woden Design Dunideer, using the Mark Audio Alpair 6 driver, is Kris’ third single-driver loudspeaker in his quest for sonic and DIY perfection.

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A Solo 103 Build

This is the second in my series of articles on building full-range loudspeakers. I decided to build a pair of small Fostex-based speakers for my next project, and chose the Solo 103 speaker from Humble Homemade HiFi.

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Pensil 70 – a Learning Experience

Kris Adams writes about the first in a series of single-driver loudspeakers that he is building as a learning exercise. This first pair is the Pensil-70 design for the mark Audio CHR-70 fullrange driver.

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